Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Work is slowing down a bit so it means I should be able to get back around to posting on a regular basis again.... not that I was ever regular :) Not the best of light in this one of the River Doon with the Brig O' Doon that features in Tam O' Shanter there in the background! So I'll give it another go in better light lol.

I doubt you will be able to see it, (so added a crop shot) but unbeknown to me as I was shooting an otter was working it's way down on the right bank from just below the modern road bridge to that clump of grass just above the FG rocks. I only noticed it when I got home and was flicking through the shots and noticed what just looked like foliage floating down the river if only I'd known :)

One thing that I'm not sure about and it's probably a stupid Q... is it a good or bad idea to change lenses in such cold conditions as it would let cold air into the water seal camera, possibly introducing condensation/moisture onto the censor etc when taken indoors to higher temperatures.
both pic's enlarge with a click the lower to original size.

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Mark Alan Meader said...

Always wonder what's going to be hiding in there when I see your post titles pop up in my reader:) Don't think I would notice this one even in the crop without a heads-up, so thanks for the explanation.

Best wishes to you and your family for the Holidays.. hope you have a happy and productive New Year.

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