Thursday, 16 December 2010


I had to think long and hard about the trip for this one taken just over a week a ago. Long before it was mentioned in the media many of the local garages had run out of fuel for nearly a week, due to the snow! So whether to make the trip down or preserve the fuel I had... glad I decided to go :)


Mark Alan Meader said...

You seem to outdo yourself each time with these sunset skies... Worth it, even if you end up having to walk home.

If the snow is that bad, we expect to see some beautiful, wintery Scottish scenery soon:)

Mook said...

Mark cheers it would have been a 15 mile walk, worth the risk though lol's!!

But I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint we didn't get any snow here none :( but thirty mikes further out did... and the country to Scotland's shame ground to a halt over a wee bit of snow/snaw.

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