Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bridge Beyond

Not nearly the amount of ice I expected on the river but hey there's still time... just occurred to me up there at the bridge and to the left is the well according to Burns (probably repeating myself)

"And thro' the whins, and by the cairn,
Whare hunters fand the murder'd bairn;
And near the thorn, aboon the well,
Whare Mungo's mither hang'd hersel'
Before him Doon pours all his floods; "

and now in english for the hard of thinking ;)

"And through the gorse,
and by the pile of stones,
Where hunters found the murdered child;
And near the thorn, above the well,
Where Mungo's mother hanged herself."


donnie said...

great pic - my camera seizes up in the ice :)

Mark Alan Meader said...

One of your best, I think. Some just work better than others, and this one feels right in every detail..

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