Saturday, 13 November 2010

Neolithic Banksy

These should click to as large a blogger allows. Some of over 200 cup and ring marks from this spot dating from the neolithic to early bronze age... in other words a 1000 years of graffiti... and I love it! I'm tempted to try a pano on this just to get them all in, considering it's classed in the top 10 sites in the UK and in my opinion beats Kilmartin Argyle by a long shot!

Not only that word must spread fast. these only discovered in 1986.... but standing next to me while taking these shots were folk from Anchorage Alaska and I a relative local only found out they wiz here two weeks ago... not sure what that says about me eh ;)


donnie said...

fabulous - certainly equals Kilmartin :)

The Glebe Blog said...

Well defined in these pictures Mook. I can't believe I've probably walked past them. Next time in the area without a doubt.

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