Friday, 5 November 2010

Failure of a Portrait artist

I always said I was crap at portraits! I always cut the heid aff.. and why do some(the wife) always insist the don't need a jaikit on a trip, it's no that caul they say...then find they do need one leavin you founert?!

I've added this flipped version to late (should have been first/only) which I think has the stronger composition.


Mark Alan Meader said...

If I interpret correctly, I sense a potentially good outing ended early or at least concentration disturbed by "unforeseen events".. hahah. All too familiar:)
Pretty good idea on this one though.

Mook said...

Mark cheers lol too familiar indeed! In this one I was waiting on the immortal words "right you have taken enough pictures tonight" ;)

This was a shot from August I've already posted the two best shots haha. But I was at a loose end tonight...this shot was one I really wanted to take (hand-held) it had the best focus etc but unnoticed had my wife in it, the other poorer shots didn't. So she who thought it was warm enough not to take a jacket only to find out it wasn't and borrowed mine leaving me "poor wee soul" founert (cold) well I was forced to crop out her face out... only because it was blurred and for composition you understand! Not that I was being put under pressure to hurry up, get a move on ;)

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