Friday, 24 September 2010

Tomb With a View and the Crimea

Graveyard.... founded by the Earl of Carrick in 1193 around the time when William I 'the Lion', King of Scotland was about, he who founded the Auld Alliance with France, unfortunately he was captured at Alnwick and forced to acknowledge Henry II as Scotland's overlord in 1174.

I digress back to the graveyard, Kirkbride it's pertinents was granted to the convent of Cistercian nuns at North Berwick in whose possession it remained until the Reformation.

As to one of the occupants below this cold stone he was in the Scots Greys and participated in the charge of the heavy brigade (yes heavy not light) at Balaclava. We have all heard of the charge of the light brigade at Balaclava technically a military disaster, less so the charge of the heavy brigade a success, under no less difficult circumstances/odds.

Lord Tennyson who wrote a his more famous poem about the charge of the light brigade also wrote a lesser known poem about the charge of the heavy brigade.

Here's a wee snippet from the poem.... the full version can be found HERE

"The charge of the gallant three hundred, the Heavy Brigade!"

Down the hill, down the hill, thousands of Russians,
Thousands of horsemen, drew to the valley - and stay'd;
For Scarlett and Scarlett's three hundred were riding by
When the points of the Russian lances arose in the sky;
And he call'd "Left wheel into line!" and they wheel'd and obeyed.
Then he looked at the host that had halted he knew not why,
And he turn'd half round and he bad his trumpeter sound
To the charge, and he rode on ahead, as he waved his blade
To the gallant three hundred whose glory will never die-
"Follow", and up the hill, up the hill, up the hill,
Follow'd the Heavy Brigade.

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