Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Behind Twisted Oaks

Just couldn't get a decent angle to include the river and the castle to show Hermitage castle to it's best because of the trees. Some brutal architecture in a brutal landscape miles from anywhere (let me tell you!!) created for brutal times in the heart of wild border country, the Scottish borders.

Originally built around 1240, firstly just a wooden Norman Mott and Bailey castle later built in stone around 1371 to 1390

As this shot was taken in the harsh light of the early afternoon I wasn't to happy with the resultant blue-green casts in the colour version. Even after some colour correction I still thought there was to much of a green cast, so it called for a B&W conversion! Using a simple blend of the red and green channels. I posted both for comparison but it's the B&W for me...
click pics to bigger them :)

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