Monday, 30 August 2010


A couple of shots tonight, the first a very quick in camera edit from RAW to a Tiff file then finished off in CS4 to jpeg from a visit to Portencross Pier on Friday... I'll probably get around to a proper edit when I have the time LOL.... only for the fact that I liked the way the light hit off the stanchions in this one. The second is a proper edit also from Portencross Pier.

I've resized these differentially from the way I normally would following the sagely advice kindly given by Craig Tanner over on The Mindful Eye (see link in sidebar) and I think at last they are off the quality I'm after once resized... though I'll need to publish this to see :)

A busy place I do have to say five or six photographers there that night. Unfortunately what looked like a promising sunset fizzled out just at the end, but hey that's just the roll of the dice

just checked to see how they look once clicked on to enlarge and at last i think after a year this resizing method is what i've been after whew!

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donnie said...

these are fabulous - what a beautiful evening - well worth a return visit in lots of weathers :))

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