Monday, 30 August 2010


A couple of shots tonight, the first a very quick in camera edit from RAW to a Tiff file then finished off in CS4 to jpeg from a visit to Portencross Pier on Friday... I'll probably get around to a proper edit when I have the time LOL.... only for the fact that I liked the way the light hit off the stanchions in this one. The second is a proper edit also from Portencross Pier.

I've resized these differentially from the way I normally would following the sagely advice kindly given by Craig Tanner over on The Mindful Eye (see link in sidebar) and I think at last they are off the quality I'm after once resized... though I'll need to publish this to see :)

A busy place I do have to say five or six photographers there that night. Unfortunately what looked like a promising sunset fizzled out just at the end, but hey that's just the roll of the dice

just checked to see how they look once clicked on to enlarge and at last i think after a year this resizing method is what i've been after whew!

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From Metal to Medieval

The BBC recently did the history of the world in 100 objects HERE In certain programs on the radio and across the BBC in general members of the public were encouraged to talk about objects from the past that are special to them, big or small, recent or ancient... this is mine.

(I can not emphasize strongly enough that this object was not removed from it's archaeological context, that is something I would never do!! It was only picked up because it would have been destroyed and lost to the elements if not rescued.)

I'm 99% sure it's a wee bit of Medieval green-glaze ware. I'm not sure if it is high-status or not but I suspect it is and was not used by the servants, mainly due to the fact of the decoration. The decoration those brown downward strokes made by the potters thumb they fit my thumb perfectly!

On the reverse side (the inside) of the vessel (cup, bowl??) it's black in colour and you can still see the impression made by the potters fingers during it's making, I presume on a potters wheel.

Now for my flight of fancy... not only is this inch and a half long shard special to me because of it's age! But I like to think that King Robert the Bruce might have used this object in it's unbroken state or at the very least looked upon it.

My reason for this flight of fancy is not only that it's my favourite part of history but it was found in the birthplace of the king, the ancestral home of the Earls of Carrick. More crucially the castle was abandoned and fell into disuse directly after Robert recaptured it from English hands during the Scottish wars of independence. Therefore it has to pre-date the period before it fell into English hands and was reclaimed by the King and his men. As I say that is all supposition but the mere fact that you can hold this object made so long-ago and that and your fingers fit the marks left by the makers fingers is just special on it's own. It is currently framed and hangs on my wall.

next 11th century chapel masonry ?

Friday, 6 August 2010

The Good Days!!!

can you get them back? if they ever went that is! excuse my departure from the norm here I thought I'd indulge myself with one of the best songs ever... from a little known band Johnny Crash fronted by an English dude from tokyoblade.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

River Ayr

I set of for another attempt to shoot kingfishers but Although I saw some I've come to the conclusion you would need a hell of a lot of luck ie in the low light the bird would need to land on a rock or branch long enough to get the shot off, I'd need a bigger lens than my 300mm and plenty of time. So I think I just stick to shooting the river from now on!!!! 30 sec exposure

Sharp Test

I've just posted these two images as a test for sharpness my main bugbear especially as in this case when sized down, both are 950 631. The top shot was rejected for publishing on a website because there were areas that lacked sharpness. The second is the resharpened version, sharpened by quite a bit but is it to sharp?

I'll post another image tonight as this one is a bit of a repetition.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Those that need to know know

Sorry I haven't posted for a wee bit but I've been a wee bit preoccupied. I've been trying to get in contact with the company that bough my images last year as their contract ran out over a month ago and the images are still on their website.

The NY branch of the international branding company that first approached me on behalf of their client do not respond to my emails. Their clients representatives to whom the images were sent no longer work for the company and the automated email response from them with suggested contacts well... the contacts do not respond to my emails.... apart from one six days ago and as they are new in the post I am bearing with them as they asked....

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