Monday, 19 July 2010

Pine Tree Loch Doon

I thought I'd try Loch Doon for a change. There appears to be so much to shoot there from the Loch itself to the castle. The castle at the south end off the loch dates back to 1306 and was originally located on an island in the loch and played a pivotal role in the Scottish wars of independence. It was designed and built by Sir Christopher Seton, brother-in-law of Robert Bruce, King of Scots, and is perhaps the best example of an octagonal castle in the country. As I said there seems so much to shoot there but I can never make anything of the location... and nothing has changed.

Anyway the planned location needed to be under water and it wasn't... high and dry. After trying a few unsuccessful shots I decided to head back to the coast to hopefully catch the sunset. Just as I was leaving the north end off the loch I stopped for this shot, wish I'd taken more time over it and done it properly. This shot as far as the FG goes is dreadful it was a rescue job from silhouette, I post this mainly as a reminder to myself to do the job properly, also I do like the sky! The next shot from this spot should work out better lol. I think I'll need to give the Loch a miss from now on.

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