Saturday, 24 July 2010



donnie said...

great - dreammy and magical - one of my favs

Mook said...

donnie praise indeed thanks!!

this is a cropped version there is a sunset in the full version but i thought this the more powerful version... mainly due to editing problems... the tripod was in the sea and kept moving with every wave.

Mark Alan Meader said...

Agreed.. awesome good. Doesn't really need the sunset to make it work.. the light beaming in under the rocks is quite enough. Getting a sense of atmosphere without the sky is a pretty good trick.
I would nick out those 2 tiny specks of light in the far top/right to make it perfect.. just my thought.

Mook said...

Mark a keen eye as always cheers!!

I did notice them but in part due to laziness and part still thinking of it as a sunset shot and not it's changed dynamic I left them in when they should have been removed.

ps the full shot has been added to this post as a host site for posting it on the Mindful Eye

donnie said...

have come back to these again - i think this is a great series

Mook said...

Donnie cheers I often see rock formations like this that I'd love to shoot but up until now wasn't sure how to achieve it especially in a way that would interest others. I think I know how to do it now without cropping.

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