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Doon in June

ISO100 f/22 6sec ISO100 f/9.5 1sec

I was surprised to see just how well the River Doon was flowing today considering the lack of rain over the past few months. Also considering how the Deught (spelling could be out) down at Carsphairn which takes diverted water from Loch Doon into the Water of Ken is running very low indeed... then again fit do I know!

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Hooded Man colour

I could never make up my mind which version of this shot I preferred mono or colour! My main reason for taking the shot in the first place was the wood-grain, which I hope the mono did justice to. I like the wood-grain just as much in this one but also the vibrant colours and I thought the orange of the wood and the blue paint complimented each other... any excuse to post the same shot eh!

the title refers to the man on the end off the harbour wall

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Thanks Mark!

As a way of thanks and hopefully not to waste any more off his time, I thought I'd write an article in response to Mark Alan Meader's comment on my Beware post (just scroll down a couple of posts to see it) rather than just a couple of lines in the comment section. Mark thanks for taking your precious,!! time to write such a lengthy comment much appreciated and helpful!

I'm assuming "shadows/highlight" adjustment you speak of are in curves in ACR rather than the recovery /fill light sliders. If so I would have worked with them in curves, but to what extent I can't remember. #3 should have been the best shot as after watching Mark Johnston's 101 tutorials (as you suggested) I tried not to over do it, ie little or no use of the recovery and fill sliders, although I would have still used the the shadows/highlight sliders in ACR curves . But I have to agree a mix off 2+3 would work better than the final result


I think one of the places I was going wrong and overdoing it was with the vibrancy slider because I was trying to recreate exactly the way I know the FG rocks look colour wise etc at there best.

Now for the embarrassing bit and just for general interest of Mark as regards bracketing... this shot was made up off two RAW files, one for the sky and one for the FG. Here they are in there full unedited as shot glory, thus compounding my ineptitude in PS I fear :(

I do think I am now making slight progress as regards editing much helped by the fact I now edit in 16bit and as a smart object as hopefully can be seen in last nights shot of the lighthouse LOL
Once again thanks to Mark and I'm off to lookup his other suggestions!!

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Ike's it's Eisenhower's...

wee country pad! Some chap called Dwight Eisenhower stayed here at Culzean Castle during the war, spending his holidays at the Castle in fact! He often trod the streets of nearby Maybole which he always considered, as he said, "his Scottish hometown". In 1946, the Freedom of the Burgh was conferred on him by the folk there and the Prez remarked after the ceremony that he would "always consider himself a true Minnieboler, if not by birth, at least by adoption".

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I'm actually going to write something. As some of you may be aware I have changed from GIMP to CS4 mainly because of the banding artefacts caused by the feathered brush in some of my B&W work.. thanks for the heads up on that Mark.

The first thing I noticed about PS was the instant I loaded up a pic was that it gave the shot a look, a look that I had always found missing from my previous work. Thee missing thing I could not put my finger on, thee exactly what was missing. Yeah I thought!

Before I go any further I'd like to say this could just be (probably) my lack editing skills, or it was just a strange night light wise etc but I have tried to recreate the way it all looked. Anyhoo, I have started to think PS has giving my work a toy town look, synthetic, plastic. The first shot shows what I mean!

click all pic's to enlarge
or the orange

Toy Town

Up until now and when I had gained some kind of handle on PS I didn't want to edit the same shot in GIMP to compare, but now I have. This second shot was done in GIMP edited the same way as close as possible to the first and I think it's slightly better. It's the foreground that mainly concerns me! To my eye although the GIMP version perhaps needs a slight bit of sharpening it looks more real, less plastic? Oh and please excuse the obvious mistake in the GIMP shot, I missed a section with the brush while adding an adjustment and now I have sore thumb syndrome.


To add to my confusion I thought I had my PS editing problems fixed after watching some 101 tutorials concerning ACR by Mark Johnston (thanks for the heads up on that also Mark) now I'm not so sure. This third shot is a re edit in PS and I thought I had it right until I was ready to post. I'm not sure "toy town" wise it's an improvement lol. As I said its the foreground that bothers me the most as the sky is almost as it looked, perhaps it's the combination of the FG and BG that just make this all look odd?

CS4 improved lol

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