Monday, 10 May 2010

The Excuse this time :)

I am still here and the excuse this time is.... due to the banding on the feathered brush I have experienced on gimp I have switched to CS4 much to my annoyance!

That said CS4 it is very similar, it's just taking some time to work my way around it. I am finding however it is also adding something that I have felt has been missing from my work for the past year... a clarity kind of thing. Added to which working seven days a week for the past few months has limited me some what :(

My first total from raw to finish in cs4.


Mark Alan Meader said...

And a very nice one it is:)
You will love Photoshop as soon as you get comfortable working with it, I promise. A lot of people kind of go overboard with all the easy tricks and techniques, but I don't think you will.. you seem to be more of a purist, like me.
When you get familiar with the basic stuff you can check out Mark Johnson's site at:
He is a former partner of Craig Tanner at the old Radiant Vista site and has some amazing tutorials of advanced techniques. Some of it definitely IS in the "overboard" category for me as far as photography goes, but it's always interesting. I've been using PS almost daily since it first appeared 20 yrs. ago and I still am learning.

Mook said...

Mark cheers and thanks for the link and I have to say without a shadow of a doubt, the sites you have recommended have been responsible for the bulk of improvement in my work! So many thanks especially as i never seem to be able to find such sites on my own!

Not sure I'm in the purist category though lol. I try to reproduce what I see but I think I do go a wee bit overboard making up for lack off skill!

donnie said...

i love this pic - good luck with photoshop - i have never got past the first screen - one day I will learn all this layers stuff

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing.

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