Sunday, 24 January 2010


This was going to be the last post. I just do not have the time to resize and sharpen just to stop work being nicked and those of importance know where I am anyway!! That said just posting has made me hesitate. So if this is the last post thanks for all your support I'll still visit!!!! if not the last hey sorry for wasting your time! swither swither swither


donnie said...

great pic - sorry about the last post thing - it is difficult to balance posting with image theft - email them a bill for a reproduction fee

Mark Alan Meader said...

Damn! Don't quit!.. your's is one of the more interesting blogs that I follow. Just do what I do and keep your images at 500-600px and let 'em do what they will with that, which is nothing much. Or, you could watermark it, you know... I see lots of people with absolutely nothing to worry about doing that:)
Besides, if your work is that popular, I would take it as a good sign, not a bad one... like Donnie says, it's a difficult balance, but it's the way things are and you have to decide for yourself what's important.
I check TME fairly often, so maybe I'll see you over there at least if you decide to bail out on the blog.
Cheers, and keep up the good work.
Oh yeah, nice one BTW... if it is indeed the last.

Mook said...

Thanks for the comments chaps appreciated!

Both your comments have made me think and along with an assignment discussion thread putting the two together it's given me an idea... don't know why I didn't think on it before. I'll need to test it out but it might kill two birds with one stone to keep posting here Cheers!!!

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