Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Burns Connection

The next post or two might have a connection with the poet Robert Burns, you know Auld Lang Syne and all that stuff. Incidentally syne should be pronounced with a Z zyne. With all the rain of late opportunities have been slim but I tried to take some small advantage of that with a reflection shot. Also hopeing to give a different veiw of the church from the usual standard shot.

The first shot and main one is of the Auld Kirk Alloway the setting for the poem Tam O' Shanter, the poem filled with ghaists (ghosts) houlets witches and the deil (devil) himself and a childhood haunt (pardon the pun) of mine. The shot was taken in the dark and I have to say it was murder trying to get the camera to focus a flash light might have helped if I'd thought to bring one. Anyway here it is the fifth most haunted place in Scotland oh aye and the gravestone to the left is where is mother Agnes and father William are buried...

Another shot and a very quick edit the standard typical shot to show what the church looks like

Oh yeah BOO!! :)

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