Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wave in the Rain

I'm going to miss all the Autumn colour I just know it!! Either I can't find a location, or the location is overcast, or it's raining, or when the light is good I'm at work GRRRRR! Anyway this is an Autumn shot honest, taken in the rain blah blah blah..

While I'm here concerning the Muninn shot this time spelt correctly I got me N's mixed up [ those with historical knowledge will be pecking fun at me ;) ] also the double N is the correct non Anglicized spelling... I hope :)) Anyway to my point I drove past this creepy chap on the Westwood tractor and though he'll make a good photo! So I drove on collected the camera and when I returned he was still there "obviously" ;)

The question is this, why was this shot, the one taken sitting on the vibrating lawnmower "the safety shot" (I dare not get off tractor in case he flew) the sharpest out of all four shots taken. The other shots taken standing on solid ground not so sharp... maddening or what!? Is it an omen do I have to sit on me tractor for all my photographic exploits??


Mark Alan Meader said...

I know how you feel.. I've pretty much missed the prime time this year myself... of course I have to travel all day to get to real foliage. Oh well, I still have unprocessed/printed shots from a year ago.. I''ll just be content to work on those.
As for the other one, maybe it's the square format, but reminds me of someone we know:)) (interesting image, though).. Don't know about the focus problem.. maybe your focus point was set to the wrong part of the frame??

Mook said...

Mark cheers jezz you have to travel a day I guess I should stop my whining!

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