Saturday, 10 October 2009

Between A Rock

Slightly out comp wise I think there should either be some water above the top of the rock or the rock should either enter the tree line or the sky. Tricky though... this was a test shot for hopefully a return visit for a dawn shot. As I said tricky I was standing on tussocks of grass trying to balance as I do not fancy standing up to my knees in a cold Loch at dawn in October :( especially when it takes over an hour to get there.


donnie said...

i like the composition as is

Mook said...

Donnie cheers i like it also i just thought technically i was a wee bit out and didn't want to mess up my proposed dawn shot.

Mark Alan Meader said...

In a critique session or class, someone would probably point out exactly what you said and "technically" they would be correct, but it doesn't really bother me either. Quite nice as is and in black & white; I suppose at dawn the colors would be more presentable.. maybe we'll see if you get back at the right time.
Noticed you've been hanging out over at TME:)

Mook said...

Mark cheers :)I'm going to try and get it more technically correct on the return but it's a tricky location stepping from tussock to tussock to get that spot.

re TME I joined the day you mentioned it in a comment it's just taken this long to build up the courage to post anything.

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