Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Window of Opportunity

I was in a micro climate with out rain for this shot! All-round it was pouring down and the sun then popped out for five minutes 12 seconds so a hell of a rush to get set up and shoot :(


donnie said...

super - right time - right place; you should also try a softer version of this one - with less sharp

Mark Alan Meader said...

Cheers Mook.. haven't been around for a while and been neglecting my own blog too. I like both the color tone and the composition on this one. Excellent.

Thinking back a few weeks, I hope you printed or are planning to print the "Glen Etive B&W" and hang it somewhere prominent.. that is one really fine image:)

Mook said...

donnie cheers your perfectly correct i have overdone the sharpening on this one i was just to lazy to correct it :( the shadow under the foreground rock really buds my mince :)

Mook said...
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Mook said...

Mark cheers! as regards printing photos at the moment it's something I never do.

in fact it gives me an idea to write something

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