Thursday, 13 August 2009


At the end off the tunnel? Could there be an unnoticed (by me) style coming out of my shots? That's not to say I like what I see, but a semblance of a style. One I did not know about creeping out... except by chance. While monkeying about with the camera I set it to shoot RAW+jpeg and forgot to reset RAW only.

Anyway I went out looking for something to shoot and nothing! The light was terrible and so on... or so I though. I even argued with myself if it was worth getting the camera out the bag things looked so unappealing!! On a whim I gave into that nagging voice saying "auch you might as-well" I set up, fired off a couple of shots and thanks to the camera not having the dynamic range of the eye I liked what I saw on the lcd screen and continued. I'll now keep this very short as it could go on and on...... but it's nearly 1am and I shouldn't be writing as I'll make a bigger mess of it than usual!

Strangely it was the colour in the jpeg I really liked but when it came to editing it I could do nothing with it... it was crap. However the edit off the RAW file I much preferred which is strange when it was the jpeg that initially drew my eye, caught my attention, the colours made me go wow! Now in the final version there is only fine hint off the colour that wowed me in the first place and I can't see what I liked about the Jpeg in the first place go figure???

ps hope this late night drivel makes sense to someone :)))) good niZZZZZ




donnie said...

both shots work well - the raw pic is vivid and bouncy - the jpeg is softer with subtle blue,grey colour banding, the jpeg would print great on matt - the raw would light up a room with glossy

Mark Alan Meader said...

Bravo.. probably one of your best. Nice contrast, depth, color, composition.. everything right on.
I think you've had "the revelation" of what can and can't be done with jpeg vs. RAW. Sure, if you shoot in the same conditions all the time, you can probably get pretty good at tweaking the jpeg settings in the camera to do what you like, but with memory so cheap now and all the flexibility that RAW files offer, why take the chance?
Well done:)

Mook said...

donnie thanks for that the jpeg is straight from the camera. it was the blue that caught my eye.

also thanks for the good advice on printing! at the moment it's something I do not do and it never occurred to me one shot would suit one and not the other cheers :)

Mook said...

mark cheers I was getting a bit worried about my lack of progress and did not realise I had progressed until I had the jpeg to compare.... a pleasant surprise for me :)

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