Monday, 17 August 2009

Don't Go Chasing

These the cleg bites are terrible :)

Until now to get a shot off a waterfall I would have had to travel at least thirty forty miles, there are none locally apart from the wee six footer I have posted before.... until now! Although having lived in the area all my life I had never heard tell of any waterfalls! I however was determined there must be and went in search of said on Sunday and found one wooohooo!

It was no easy task let me tell you! A mile cross country through bog, grass to your waist, under gorse bushes, bracken to your shoulders, evading man eating sheep and so on. It might not be much of a waterfall to you but it does me. I have two shots one colour one black and white which is strange! Donnie suggested my Glen Etive shot would look good in B&W something I had not considered (I'll do it soon) so why before his suggestion did it strike my to do a B&W version of this and not the Etive shot? I no know :) Anyway here they are

oh and the good news is so determined was I I went looking again today and found another even bigger but you will have to wait for that one :)


donnie said...

excellent - colour rules this time

Mark Alan Meader said...

Both are nice, but my vote goes to the B&W.. sorry, not much help are we?

Mook said...

cheers chaps Mark all comments are a help :) although i feel guilty at picking peoples brains a lot off the time!!

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