Saturday, 1 August 2009

Bidean nam Bian in Glencoe

Bidean nam Bian (Gaelic) the highest mountain in the old county of Argyll part off which is the famous three sisters.

Another shot from the trip up to the highlands, most if not all from this trip are just snaps. Between dodging the showers and having the tribe along... it was a case of shoot what you can when you can. Not that I'm complaining!!! After all it wasn't a photo shoot I was on and it's a good thing as it keeps you on your toes. Anyway I was to busy trying to napalm all those fearsome killer highland midges.... okay okay I lie!! Miraculously I escaped with just one bite from them the light breeze kept them away.

This shot is at the north end of Glencoe close to Glencoe village it should enlarge to full size ?? and hopefully it shows that I have gotten (yes gotten is a proper word!!) to grips with the sharpening thingy.. if not please let me know... to much? to little? Anyway it is at this point as far as I'm concerned that you are in the Highlands signified by the wonderful reddish colour of the rocks that start here.


donnie said...

nice one - sharpness is in the eye of the beholder - depends on the image i think

Mark Alan Meader said...

If you use good lenses (and know their sweet spot aperture-wise), a tripod and keep your depth of field under control, sharpening is really not much of an issue. And, like Donnie says, some people like more, some less.

Mook said...

donnie true true thanks :)

Mook said...

mark cheers i'm still just using the kit lens :( i'll need to try some of my older prime lenses when I have the time but use a tripod 99% of the time

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