Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Raw Deal

Well here we go dipping my toe in the depths of RAW. The first shot is my edit off a jpeg. The second my attempt at RAW and Mark (link to his site The photographic Aspect is on the sidebar) was right! I was surprised how easy it was to bring out shadow detail... I just do not know if I have done it right? Anyway I like the result :) just need to practice!!!!!!!!!!!

both shots enlarge if you click them, for once they have not been scaled down

footnote after posting i do not like the way either look on the blog something not right but what's done is done


Mark Alan Meader said...

I know what you mean.. I've had that problem too.
Uhmmm... just to verify, which one is which here(upper/lower), so I don't say something stupid?

Mook said...

Mark me say something stupid ;)

the one directly below the text is the jpeg

Mark Alan Meader said...

I guess this is not a reliable forum to look too closely at the details because these're not really accurate and I should probably just shut up. However, based on what I can see here, I like that top one better for the rocks and the lower one for the sky... I think you lost some of the local contrast in the rocks when you pulled them up.. they look a bit flat now(the lower one).. easily fixed. Both are better than the original!
You might enjoy a site called "The Mindeful Eye" ( They do composition and processing videos on there every day and the style is very instructive and positive.. I'll probably mention it on my blog soon.
Don't mean to ramble.. just my two cents worth because I love talking about this stuff:)

Mook said...

Mark talk away sir! This all helps me out lots! The top shot was my usual way off working straight from the cameras jpeg. The bottom from the cameras RAW and yip I think I over cooked it on the rocks making it flat as you say. I was attempting to draw out the mid-tones that you often talk about. I'll have a go at sorting it :)

Thanks for the help and advice, I'll need to check out that site. I find videos are the best way for me to work out how the editing suites work cheers :)

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