Friday, 24 July 2009

Na Rannaibh

Na Rannaibh in Galloway is Scottish Gaelic for the Rhinns which means hammer head. Called this because of the shape of the land and where this latest shot was taken. Shot on the western side off the Rhinns looking toward Ireland. You can just see Ireland on the horizon and the sharp eyed might also notice a yacht.

I'll need to return there as it was just a passing visit mainly to photograph a waterfall which due to the lack of rain off late had dried UP. I didn't have time to wait for the sun to set, but that aside even without a sunset there are some great rock formations down there to capture.


Mark Alan Meader said...

I don't feel like you needed the actual sunset to make this one work.. the side lighting on the rocks is great and I like the yellow color in the sky. The sun cracking through under a heavy overcast can create some of the most spectacular light. Nice and sharp on this one, too:)

Mook said...

Mark I totally agree! That's why I took a wee bit extra time to shoot this one. It was raining then it stopped so I jumped back out the car and set up again.

That said I do tend to concentrate perhaps to much on sunsets a thing/habit I'm trying to change but it's when I'm out most. A bit crepuscular as some photographers tend to be :)b

Being so close to Ireland it would have been nice to see the sun set behind it just the once ;)

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