Friday, 10 July 2009

Joust at Sunset

The medieval castle off Turnberry the ancestral home and birthplace of the King of Scots, Robert De Bruce, which fell into disuse after he recaptured it from the English during the Scottish wars of independence.

About to hold another joust, a tournament, the 2009 Open Golf Championship complete with the stalls the stands in the background for the fair maidens to sit. Oh and dare I say the mists of time flowing through the foreground :))

That said I think I picked the wrong focus or DOF on this one, but I suppose that is down to personal choice.... my choice would be to change it! But that is what this blog is about a learning curve



Mark Alan Meader said...

Is this one slightly out of focus in the background? I can't really tell from this version.. if so, too bad, because otherwise quite worthy.
Re your comments over at my side,.. don't worry.. I know what you mean, and I am actually the same way with what I like and don't like.
As for working on those slick sea rocks in near darkness, that's treacherous business.. I have had a few near disasters myself. Easy to get caught up in the scene and forget where your feet are going or just just being exhausted and careless heading home when you finally finish up. Be careful out there:)

Mook said...

Mark yes it is slightly out off focus. It looks slightly worse here than on the original. I picked the wrong focus point trying to keep as much detail in the foreground rocks as I could.

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