Monday, 13 July 2009

Down by the Minnoch

Shot in jpeg well it was only my 37th shot out the camera and I hadn't even looked at RAW then :) Also a B&W version, for once I like them both, but the colour shot just edges ahead because of the colour in the rock. Especially the rock center of shot.

ps just posted them and they look appalling!! sumit ain't right!!! I'll need to think on this one either it's the editing or rescaling? both edits were carried out totally separate so it's strange why they both look crap hmmmmmm... especially the colour which until now looked the best!


Mark Alan Meader said...

What a great spot.. love the texture of those rocks. I could spend a whole day working here, no problem:)
I'm leanin' towards the B&W, but I like both.

donnie said...

i think the bw shot has greater depth - works really well

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