Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Curves yeah the learning Kind :(

As usual research into this subject brings no definitive answer and why should it! As I said previously I never resharpen my shots mainly because I read it was bad practice, although that only seems to be the opinion off stock Photography sites. And I think that has been the reason why some off my shots here have looked out off focus, all the ones that I have edited from RAW to be precise. After all when the camera produces a Jpeg it does all that in camera for you most editors should have their sharpening disabled by default ??

The big question I'm now facing is how much USM is just right, how much is to much?? No definitive answer to that question either, it appears it could just be a matter off personal taste, which I suppose in turn is one factor in deciding what your style is. So now I keep the original file, the unsharpened edit, the sharpened edit, oh jpeg was so much easier!

Anyways here we have a shot I was really disappointed with, even to the extent of thinking the camera was knackered. First we have the original unsharpened then the new sharpened version which I think could stand a wee bit more sharpening. Also I did not give it extra sharpaning as I probably should have when it was rescaled but then you could not compare like for like. But hey I still do not know if you need to sharpen when you edit from RAW or not, or is it just covering just my bad photography.

footnote after posting i looked at both and the unsharpened version made my eyes go funny with a feeling of nausea

Unsharpened Shot click

Sharpened Shot click


Mark Alan Meader said...

ESPECIALLY after resizing, you need to sharpen your images! It's kind of an art in itself and the amount will depend on the size of the image you are working with(one size does NOT fit all).. But I think you can see the immediate improvement here:) Even overdoing it a bit is o.k. for blog/web purposes. For physical prints, you'll need to experiment to find the right amount to suit your taste, based on the size and your printer. I always sharpen the very last step before printing and I don't save the sharpened file, although I'll save all the other adjustments... so it's always: RESIZE-SHARPEN(appropriately)-PRINT.
Sharpening techniques??... a whole other subject:)

Mook said...

Mark thanks I can't believe it took me so long to work out why I wasn't happy... just a numpty!! I've done more reading since posting this and am now doing things the way you describe :)

I'll probably read more on techniques though ie keeping resultant noise issues to a minimum etc. cheers.

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