Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Woman Scorned

has nothing on a photographer (small p) scorned!!! The new camera was supposed to arrive today at noon after paying extra for express delivery but now will not come until Tuesday... bankers! Now now, bankers is the correct terminology! It was delayed because off those bankers who put a hold on the payment.... due to unusual activity on the debit card. Worse I was just an hour to late in finding out grrr!

I suppose it's ok possibly, maybe, perhaps,? and I'd be complaining if I were being defrauded but I had a shoot (small s) planned for tonight at a new location and the weather is perfect as it always is in Scotland ;) I just know when the camera arrives it will rain for a month.


Mark Alan Meader said...

Mother nature and human "plans" are often a frustrating combination, aren't they? I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities and fresh inspiration going forward. You are going to love being able to do longer exposures and shoot in RAW... it'll be worth the wait:)

Mook said...

Mark thanks and yes I'm already looking forward to longer exposures and especially RAW.

Although I waiting to see what lenses I'm mainly going to use before buying a 10 stop.

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