Tuesday, 23 June 2009


A wee update on the sale of my photos. It's all done and dusted, sold to a major worldwide multinational, in my first ever sale! :) There's still another sale on the go, to another large worldwide company, hopefully to be concluded soon.

Unfortunately for you lot out there that means I'm just about to buy another camera to replace my ruined wee point and shoot. So I'll be upgrading to a full DSLR this time. At first I was tempted by the Nikon D300 and the new soon to be released Pentax K-7 but in the end I could not justify the high price tag for either to myself, ( I am Scots after-all) especially on the unproven K-7. Not only that I don't shoot movies never mind need HD so way pay extra.

Therefore having loved Pentax for the past 30 years I think I'll stick with that brand and go for the Pentax K20d, with any money leftover going toward some quality lenses to add to the Pentax lenses I already have. Can't wait!


Mark Alan Meader said...

Probably the correct choice.. bodies come and go, but good lenses are forever(minus any seawater, of course..) Looking forward to some new work!
Congrats on the sale(s).

donnie said...

good luck with the new camera - always a tricky choice

Mook said...

Mark thanks, that was my thinking although I also thought I was just being a stingy Scot but as you say bodies do come and go... and at an alarming rate :)

Mook said...

Donnie thanks tricky indeed!!

Callie said...

Congratulations! I'm very much looking forward to seeing new images!

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