Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Guess who's back in circulation?

To quote the great diamond Dave Lee Roth.

Back properly at last, not much off a shot though lots wrong, blow-out, lens distort! The weather was not kind tonight and one of the very first shots taken, trying to get to grips with the new camera. Photography is like watercolour painting if you don't keep practicing you lose/forget the technique. Not that I had much :)

This is a Jpeg I had only intended to shoot RAW but due to time have only just uploaded the software never mind looked at it. There are Raw shots of this but I'll need time to monkey about with it and might post for comparison. DAMN it's good to be back! Click the pic to enlarge.


Callie said...

Beautiful! I Love the green!
Glad your back!

Mark Alan Meader said...

A man that can quote Burns one day and David Lee Roth the next.. quite an accomplishment right there!
Glad you're back.. and glad you shot this in both RAW and jpeg. You'll be well pleased how easy to go back and bring out the shadow detail in the rocks and fix the blow out in the sky, which would be difficult if not impossible from the jpeg. Maybe for fun, crop out the rocks jutting in on the far left and see what you think.. not saying yes or no, just asking:) The right 3/4 of the frame is quite nice.

donnie said...

cool - good luck in figuring it all out

Mook said...

cheers folks

Mark I'd be shame-face if I didn't know Burns having been brought up within a quarter mile of his birthplace :)))

re rocks always glad for the input as for RAW I've just downloaded some software for it and by the looks of it.... might take me a wee while to figure it out :( cheers

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