Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Titled so 1 red sky at night shepherds delight 2 reference to a lighthouse being a kind of shepherd of the sea

There was something about this shot taken back in Feb that I just did not like! Back then I could not quite put my finger on it and still can't! Perhaps it is just the fact that while taking it I had envisaged a different result, a result in which just did not happen? That said way back then I did like the colour of clouds (unaltered apart from darkened "very" slightly) and still do, so that is the reason why I'm posting it.


Callie said...

I love the way the dark shapes lead your eye around the image! Its very beautiful and the colors are amazing!

I also think its funny that you live by the sea and you use "shepherd" in the poem, I'm pretty much land locked, and I've always said " Red sky at night, sailors delight" It works either way :)

donnie said...

i like this - and the spooky reflection

Mark Alan Meader said...

I was going to suggest bringing up some detail in the rocks, but after looking at the thumbnail image in my reader again, I've decided I like it the way it is with just the simple shapes.. the reflecting pool in the lower half really makes the whole thing work.
Like Callie, I've always heard "sailor's delight":)

Mook said...

thanks for the comments folks

as for the red sky thingy both are correct ie sailors and shepherds and I think it dates back as far as 1300s basically I think it will have to do with people who most need to know the weather and how it effects their livelihood.

Mark I did try bringing out the foreground a wee bit more than I have but it didn't quite look right so I plumped for this shot. Many thanks for your input though appreciated :)

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