Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rocks On

The weather (rain wind) was not affordin any photo opportunities today so rather than let it go to waste I spent my time balancin rocks... as all grown men do! Don't they:)) As I said a wee bit inclement and to windy for anythin fancy, but hey you do what you can to pass the time! The heart shaped base rock is about 7 inches in high.

Base rock same as before.

The rocks in this shot are out off focus but show more clearly the fine surface area for balancing... can't wait for a calm day!


donnie said...

i like the bottom one best

Mark Alan Meader said...

SO, were you samplin' the single malt before or after on these?;)
Looks impossible to accomplish, especially in the wind. I agree with Donnie.. I like the bottom one, too.

Mook said...

Donnie & Mark thanks for the comments. I am however puzzled why you both like the last pic the one I thought was the worst and would not normally post! To all intense purposes a back-focusing shot :)

You both are more experienced/talented so it would be interesting/valuable to know cheers :)

Mark Alan Meader said...

Speaking only for myself, I wasn't really concerned with your technique.. (after looking closely I can see the focus problem.) However, the composition is far better on that one, IMHO:)

Mook said...

Mark thanks for the input a big help cheers :)

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