Monday, 4 May 2009

Came and Went

.... the return to 35mm was an unmitigated disaster as this scan of a print shows! The meter readings on the camera showed the exposure and aperture were both correct but the sea and sky are totally blown. One thing I have to say at this point is when the prints were being developed I did not get them to darken or lighten them as I thought I could do that on the PC. As you can clearly see that is obviously beyond me, or perhaps it is not possible rescue this shot?

This next shot an 8" exposure I have managed to darken but it still looks crap!! So all in all a big disappointment and I think it shows up my lack off skill one that digital photography masks! I guess I'll not be buying a negative scanner now just another digi camera. You live and learn :)


Mark Alan Meader said...

Whoa.. what's the Scots word for "yikes!"?
Seriously, you could probably do a better job if you worked directly from the negative.. once they commit it to paper without the proper adjustments, you're basically screwed. (probably a Scots word for that, too). All in all, goes to show how important exposure is, even though film has more range than digital. It is indeed easier to control things in digital because there is less guesswork; you can verify what you've got before moving on..
with film you have to get it right from the beginning and you're never really sure until you get the negs.

Mook said...

Mark it's... it's... oh can't say, I don't like to swear ;)

Thanks for taking the time to right this! Aye I know I did give the negs a go but it's just a flatbed scanner I have and you need back-light for negs so it was a non starter :) I was going to try and make something for back-light but it's not worth the time and energy I fear :)


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