Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mar sin leat!

I hope you do not mind use of the informal version of the Gaelic for bye? This might be the last posting for a wee bit :( Due to the fact that the wind blew over tripod and camera into the brine! The first shot was the last taken just before it happened.

After a wee bit of drying out the camera did recover to produce these

but alas the corrosive effect of the salt water eventually took it's toll and the camera is knackered.

For the fun off it I might try and strip it down and clean it out, just for the fun I do not expect anything to come off it! I have thought on reverting to my old camera which was also damaged by the sea, but I do not like what I produce with it at the moment only having control of the ISO has it's limitations :) So that's two cameras and a mobile phone lost to Davy Jones in the past six months! I'm going to build a yacht next anyone fancy coming for a sail :))))))

So to all my readers tapadh leat (thanks) for reading hope to be back with a new camera soon, ! and if you are really unlucky I'll troll my archives :))

ps you won't get rid off me that easy I'll still visit the blogs I read to put in my tuppence-worth


Mark Alan Meader said...

I guess it had to happen, playing around in those waves almost every day... I've had some close calls that way. And, salt water is definitely the worst if you're going to dunk it.
Truth be told, I suspect you did it on purpose, so now you have to go out and get that DSLR;))
Hope you're not "off the grid" for too long.

Mook said...

Thanks Mark playing around in the waves is one of the reasons I picked that particular camera. If it all goes wrong it's not to great a financial catastrophe.

In fact before the DSLR I might buy the same again although I might drop down to 9 million pixels as that camera can handle RAW I'll need to look into RAW because I do not know to much about it and whether it's worth the million drop in pixels to have it? I might even get the old SLR out again.

donnie said...

nice pics - sorry to hear about your camera - i usually fill an old tesco bag with a few rocks and use it as a weight to keep the tripod steady on breezy days - nice lightweight invention

Mook said...

Donnie good one I would never have thought on that.

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