Wednesday, 29 April 2009

In the mean Time

I never really wanted to go digital so I'm takin this opportunity after the demise off my digital camera to go back to the old 35mm SLR. Not necessarily a good thing though, as all the shots I took with that were pretty crap! But hopefully I have learned enough from digital and bein able to see the shots as they were taken and what exposure etc works, to transfer that knowledge to the 35mm ha-ha! Don't hold your breath you might turn blue... might make a good shot though :)

If the first shots workout the way I hope it might/will even mean the purchase a negative scanner before another digital camera, I hope it does. In the mean time I'm being picky over the shots I take not just the bang, bang, bang, delete of the digi. So here is a shot from an even older digital camera, the zoom-less one the result of salt water.... er floodin! Hmm is there a pattern buildin up here do ya think?

Magnolia Bud


Mark Alan Meader said...

Well, it;s good to have you back working, be it digital or film. It's not like no good work has ever been done on film:) No more instant gratification, though.

donnie said...

i like this one - soft and cool

Mook said...

Mark cheers time will tell :) The first spool will be developed tomorrow hopefully :)

Donnie ta much :)

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