Thursday, 9 April 2009

Ghaist (ghost)

A wee bit o' fun :)


Mark Alan Meader said...

Ha.. didn't see that one at first:) An interesting project to attempt with these long exposures at the end of the day is to work with a friend (or yourself if you have the time to play around and a timer-delay), set up a long (20-30sec.) exposure and have the other person stand still in the frame for about 1/3-1/2 of the exposure time and then quickly move away.. that will give you a really spooky "ghaist". It's really interesting to do in the town or city late at night, too.
Must be the sunset season over there.. you're on a roll.

Mook said...

Mark cheers I'll need to wait until I get a DSLR I'm limited to 8sec and f/7.1 :(

Mark Alan Meader said...

Ah, yes.. forgot about that. Well, you are walking proof that photography is not about equipment, but the eye and the soul. HOWEVER, if you are extra nice to Mrs. Mook, maybe she'll let you invest a few pounds in a new camera? Tell her I said you deserve it:)

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