Monday, 13 April 2009

The Fisherking

Hiked about an 8-10 mile round trip up the river Ayr today in search of kingfishers and otters. And saw my first ever kingfisher yeah!! Unfortunately no shots though... the damn things are the avian equivalent of Exocet missiles, one day though!!

No otters were spotted just their spore, (which i might post) sea otters are easier to spot but my shots of them are not worth the posting :(


Mark Alan Meader said...

This is a nice little change of scene for you... looks like an old painting, as do many of mine, so I like it.
Trying to capture wild animals with a camera is a real and time consuming challenge, so don't feel too bad.

Mook said...

Mark ta much I was just hoping to see a kingfisher, that was enough for me! I didn't even really try to take a shot. That said I have an idea or two but as you say hugely time consuming !!!

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