Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I must be gettin old... or wiser? Usually for a shot like this I would be laid flat on my stomach, usually in November gettin soakin wet! Today I just held the camera low and hoped the horizon was level... it nearly was. The downside is I felt the composition could be better... perhaps I should go back to the old technique :(

There were a couple of shots like this with Ailsa Craig both in and out of focus I decided to go with out of focus especially when perhaps I should have waited for the sun to go down. ISO64, f/4, 1/400sec


Mark Alan Meader said...

Don't know if your camera will take a right angle eyepiece, but if and when you get one your life will be so much more comfortable... I tend to use mine even when I don't really need it; I'm used to looking down now instead of out. What a back and neck saver. If you like to use low angles a lot like most landscapers, a set of carpenters kneepads is useful too!
Nice shot here, BTW.

Mook said...

Mark not sure about the eyepiece I'll look into it thought cheers.

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