Saturday, 28 March 2009

Spume at Dunure Castle


donnie said...

wild :)

Mark Alan Meader said...

This one's very moody and well done.. you have a way with the B&W images, Mook.
Thanks for stopping by, BTW. And, if you're often displeased with your work after a week, it's just because you're growing that fast. I always enjoy coming over here for a look because you have a such a feel for what's going on in your environment, and you really work at it.(The same can be said for Donnie, too).

Mook said...

donnie sure was and caul

mark cheers thanks for the kind words! things are hopefully improving as I get used to this camera. as for b&w i do not have a clue! just working on instinct but i do not know if i am doing it right:)so thanks for the input

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