Sunday, 8 March 2009


Headed out today with high hopes only to be disappointed (to compound the days disappointment not only that, i think the chair that i am sitting in right now needs oiled... it sounds like a flock off Canada geese) Where was I,? oh aye the shots turned out a wee bit bland, wishy washy, the only thing that saved the day was convertin/editin to B&W. Or at least I think it saved the day? Well that's the roll of the dice in Photography I guess strange how the oldest form of photography can come to the rescue!! click pic to enlarge


Mark Alan Meader said...

Mook, you're a madman.. going out to a different spot every single day it seems. Your wife must be very understanding. I admire your dedication. And, aye (can I use that even though I'm not a Scot?), I prefer the B&W version. If the color ain't helping, get rid of it I say. I like your previous 2 "inland" landscapes a lot, too.. nice clouds and looks like a touch o' spring. I'm gathering that you live near the ocean?

Mook said...

Mark the inland shots were Glencoe taken in the middle off last summer. I thought I needed to post something other than the sea. It was remiss of me not to include some info.

Aye feel free to use aye and aye, I live not far from the sea. Cheers.

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