Sunday, 15 March 2009

My New Friend Dunure Bob

The trip to Dunure today did not start to well. The tide was to far in for the shots I wanted the lightin was no great shakes either.

Things however changed when I met my new best friend Dunure Bob, He is a friend of few words in fact the main body of his conversation greatly lacks any substance whatsoever. But he always has one eye open for all the good locations. That's Bob in the first shot relaxing on his rock.

Bob then gave me a view off Dunure castle through his own eyes.... a birds eye view.

Bob being Bob then commenced with the history lesson. Dunure Castle dates back to at least the 1200s and is built on an easily defensible outcrop overlookin the Firth of Clyde. It belonged to the Kennedy's and in time long past. John Mor MacDonald Lord of the Isles was killed there after a wee bit of a rammy. Other notable visitors to the castle were Mary Queen of Scots but perhaps one of the most interesting facts is...

The Kennedy's wanted to gain control of the ground at nearby Crossraguel Abbey To these ends the Abbot of Crossraguel was kidnapped and taken to Dunure Castle thereupon was roasted on a spit over a open fire in the castle kitchens until he agreed to sign over the abbey. Not surprisinly he did so after two turns on the spit

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