Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Lovely big cloud formations tonight instead of sheets of gray and a half decent sunset which was all to short lived. (see last post for sunset pic) This one taken facin away from the sunset. Although there was plenty of colour in the cloud formations I though it suited the mood shot in B&W.... daft!


Mark Alan Meader said...

Wild new background pattern, Mook.. it's making me dizzy!
I was going to ask why you didn't want do this in color, but then I saw that you already covered that in the previous shot, which is excellent. Very nice sky in both of these.
Dramatic sky/clouds in B&W can work really well (need to watch your exposure in those bright spots.. digital cameras can't capture that much range with just one exposure). Are you shooting in RAW or jpeg?

Mook said...

Mark; cheers still working on the background work in progress.

I took a shot in colour also, so I'll probably post it. Aye I know about the blowout on the clouds. I thought I could get away with it, I should have taken two different exposures and blended them but the wife was impatient and hurrying me along. Reminds me off your article discussing working alone or not :)

Shot in jpeg. It's just a point and shoot I have with limited manual use of exposure and aperture, f/7.1 is as low as I can go and no RAW :(

When finances allow hope to upgrade to Pentax K20 that way I can use all my old Pentax lenses.

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