Saturday, 28 February 2009

What's in a Title Sir

Here is a shot taken today as an example of the title of this blog Pareidolia. The tide was in so I could not quite get it at the correct angle to show it clearly therefore I'll put a handy circular reference on the sand, bottom left to make it easier to see/work out. Added to that it was fairly windy although the sea might not indicate that! Even with a tripod it was a real struggle to keep the camera steady (no shake reduction facility on my camera boohoo)standin in the surf with the wind and the lens occasionally gettin splattered by spray.

The cliffs are called the Heads Of Ayr. I always though these cliffs were called that because it was the largest landmass in close proximity to Ayr, at the head of the toun (town) so to speak. I am now of the notion it's because of the various facial features that can be seen in the cliff face, pardon the pun. This particular face is quite detailed, it has eyes, nose, cheek bones, top and bottom lip, chin, even shoulders etc.

There is another head similar to this one but it did not show up today... he must have went home when he heard I was comin. :) Then just around the corner we have the Lions Head, again difficult to see in this first shot as the lightin has to be just right, but you can almost make out the the Lions head covering the top third of the cliff and a brave hiker walking below.

So there are 3 heads one the cliff that I know of is that where the name derives from? Then again who knows I could be totally wrong? Now you know what pareidolia means or do you :)


Mark Alan Meader said...

Ahh.. with a little research, now I know what it is. Been meaning to ask you about that. Not too many blogs teach me new words, but that's two for you so far. I'm having trouble in the upper one, maybe it's the angle; in the lower one I can see what plainly looks like a lion's face, at least to me(pareidolia strikes?) Faces or no, nice shots. A rugged looking land you have there.

Mook said...

Mark cheers I'll crop the pic to show it more clearly for you. The wee circular addition to the photo was a bit small.

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