Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What to Choose?

disclaimer; oops after posting this i then discovered someone had already posted on the same subject of the two photo conundrum the day before me sheer coincidence sorry!

A real man of decision that's me?! I plumped for the top one whether that is right I do not know. Although I prefer the sky and the more spectacular cascade in the second shot the cascade just seemed to much to overpowerin and editin (lack of skill) did not seem to correct that feelin, if indeed it needed correction.

Is this just a long-winded excuse to publish both hmm? Click both pic's to enlarge.


donnie said...

i prefer the top one - colours work better together - good mood

Mook said...

donnie thanks for the input I guess I plumped for the right one. cheers

Mark Alan Meader said...

Sorry to disagree my friend, but I'm liking the lower one! Seems more dramatic with the rocks being swamped by the wave rather than just sitting there.
Thanks for your vote over at my place.. I'm not really gettin' any consensus over there either. I guess if it comes down about 50/50, then they're both good, right?

John said...

My favorite is the first.

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