Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Second look

I have gotten (yes that is a proper word) into the habit of not deletin even bad shots off the camera until I have looked at them on the PC. Mainly because sometimes you think you have a great shot and when it is downloaded it's rubbish and one you thought was rubbish turns out to be the best.

Another habit I have is concentratin on one part of the subject to much and makin a mistake by missin somethin out elsewhere in the shot. Therefore unless it's really bad I do not delete off the camera and it's amazin what you do not see until you get home!!

This shot was a throughout it's all wrong, just a test shot to get the exposure right FOR THIS ONE!!! So why post this duff shot?

Well it was not until lookin through the shots on the PC that I spotted this, in the shaded circle


and here cropped to bring it closer


Whether it's a dolphin, porpoise or minke whale I do not know? All have been spotted before. In the past 12 years of lookin I have spotted nothin and you could still say I haven't spotted anythin :(

If I had I'd have zoomed in. Just shows what goes past and you don't even notice damn!

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