Friday, 27 February 2009

Gray sky's are certainly takin there toll resultin in this. Not sure about this shot or even why I posted it just an idea I tried out today. This is totally unedited apart from the watermark name mook.

It's a shell duh 8mm on it's longest edge 5/16 of an inch in old money I think? and the light source ie the brightest part of the shell you can see is comin from the inside not above!



John said...

Great work!

Mark Alan Meader said...

Interesting..So how did you do get the light in (or under) there?
When I saw the previous shot, I thought you were reduced by boredom to shooting your lunch of mac & cheese, then realized they were real shells.:)

Mook said...

Thanks guys!

Mark; giving away my secrets now ;)
It's a sheet of blue paper with a small hole cut in it sat on top of a clear Pyrex dish. Then a desk lamp put under that, then the shell positioned on top of the hole and the extra light emanating from the hole... I thought you would have guessed ;)))

Listening2Music said...

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