Friday, 27 February 2009


I'm almost in despair at the lack of decent light over the past month or perhaps that says more about me as a "photographer". Anyway Ailsa Craig again sorry! So I'll say a wee bit about it this time, hopefully to add some interest.

In the Gaelic it's called Aillse Creag "the rock" it's just over 1000 feet high, well 1114 to be precise. If you are into curling this is where the granite came from that produced your curlin stone. Also called Ealasaid a' Chuain "Elizabeth of the ocean" Elizabeth bein a bastardisation of the word Elspeth, which eludes to Elspeth McCrudden, daughter of Saweny Bean the cannibal which is a story in itself and if I can get a pic of his cave I will.

Click the pic to enlarge and the sky was darkened slightly on this one on gimp.


John said...

Great captured image.

Mark Alan Meader said...

Actually, one of your best so far (that I've seen anyway). Perfect exposure and cool colors. I would hang that one on my wall.

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