Saturday, 3 January 2009

A Smuggling we Shall Go

There are plenty of traditions surroundin these smugglers caves under Culzean Castle. One is that there is an underground passage to Turnberry. My favorite though is that the faerie on moonlight nights used them for dancin-halls, as alluded to by Burns in his "Hallowe'en." Then that a piper once entered them and was never seen again, his pipes last heard playin underground at a spot still called the Piper's Brae, about half a mile from the Castle. Another is that the laird of Culzean who shot Gilbert M'Adam the Covenanter, at Kirkmichael, used to hide in them from the wrath of the peasantry, though I suspect that every peasant there abouts knew all about the caves. Tradition also points to the caves bein used by the smugglers of last century to hide their contraband goods in from the search of the excise-man. Near-bye Croy shore also plays a part with smugglers and an old family house with an underground cellar as most cellars are.


Which of these you believe is totally up to you! The masonry that you see is medieval and the caves have been used all the way back to prehistoric times, personally I'm with the faerie folk. For more info click the HERE

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Mark Alan Meader said...

Very cool place; reminds me of the prehistoric native american cliff houses here in the southwest U.S. Much different colors and atmosphere though. Nice work and nice site. I'll be watching for more.

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